Often the most cost effective and efficient option is to modernise older cranes that have reached a service life of 10 – 15 years.

We recommend that such cranes be removed, stripped and assessed for detailed and thorough examination before refurbishment.


New panels are built and fitted with new switchgear.

The introduction of variable Speed Drives has huge benefits in making your crane energy efficient and can help achieve savings of up to 60% on your energy bill for that particular piece of equipment.

Festoon cables, c-tracks and other cables are replaced depending on specific requirements.


Wheel assemblies are removed, inspected for wear, replaced / re-machined where necessary and installed with new bearings.

All brakes are stripped and inspected, lining / shoes replaced or re-lined, bushes inspected and re-assembled.

Gearboxes, oils, spur and pinion gears are thoroughly examined.

Connecting bolts are often replaced where deemed necessary.


Crane structures are normally inspected for fatigue, cracks and general damage. It is then re-painted and assembled along with the new electrical equipment and installed to commence normal service.

New decals and load signs are supplied and fitted.

Geared drives

Where possible, we prefer to replace the older centre drive geared motors on long travel applications with independent geared driven motors. This helps to extend the serviceable life span of the crane and dramatically reduce drive line wear on couplings, gears and wheels.

Increase in Lifting Capacity

Where possible, we are able to increase a cranes lifting capacity by replacing the hoisting units and strengthening the girders. These type of modifications are only done when the existing installation has the spare structural capacity to safely handle this type of upgrade.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy