Load Mass Crane Services has a dedicated department to provide services for companies to help them comply with the Driven Machinery Regulations, 2015 (Regulation 18).

This service is done strictly according to the specified and applicable SANS / ISO standards.

We offer the following:

1. Regulation 18.5 – Specialised Annual Load Testing of all makes and types of lifting machines and equipment.

  • Overhead cranes and Hoists.
  • Portal Cranes
  • Forklift Trucks, Reach Trucks, Stackers and Container Handlers.
  • Gantries and beams.
  • Lifting Tackle.
  • Jib Cranes.
  • Truck Mounted Cranes.
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Knuckle Boom / Lattice Boom Cranes.
  • Vehicle Hoists.
  • Tower Cranes.
  • RTG’s, Straddle Carriers and STS cranes.
  • Goods Elevators (in accordance with Regulation 17).
  • Lifting Tables.

2. Regulation 18.6 – 6-Monthly Inspection and servicing of cranes, hoist and lifting devices.

  • Overhead cranes and hoists.
  • Portal Cranes.
  • Manual chain hoists, lever hoists, coffin hoist, etc.
  • Hydraulic scissor lifts.
  • Vehicle Hoists.
  • Tower Cranes.
  • Goods Elevators. (in accordance with Regulation 17).
  • Mobile, truck and boom cranes (inspections only).

3. Regulation 18.10 – Quarterly inspections of lifting tackle.

  • Webbing, Chain and Wire Rope Slings.
  • Plate Grabs, Clamps and C-Hooks / Coil Hooks.
  • Spreader Beams, Lifting Beams and Lifting Frames.
  • Eye Bolts, Hooks, Shackles and Pins.
  • Beam Clamps.

All Inspections and Load Testing is done according to strict specified SANS Standards applicable to the equipment being inspected / Load Tested.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy