Load Mass Crane Services started operating as a division of Load Mass Services Eastern Cape in 1996 with one technician and assistant.

Although the company’s main focus was forklift load testing and inspections, it quickly became evident that the growth within the business lay with the cranes division.

The cranes division grew rapidly and we secured some major maintenance contracts with large manufacturing businesses in the Eastern Cape.

Our workshops expanded and became progressively more involved in the manufacture of crane- and lifting components.

To exploit the shifting focus of the company, the cranes division was registered as a separate company under the name of Load Mass Crane Services (LMCS), with the forklift division becoming a value added service for our customers.

LMCS now have a total staff compliment of 29 employees all reporting to the company owner, Richard Donaldson.

We currently employ:

  • 18 workshop staff
  • 4 sales staff
  • 4 administrative staff
  • 2 service management staff